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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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im jenna rehnstrom, tim has the night off. today the snow has been piling up here in siouxland, and the iowa d-o-t has some tips to share for drivers that will allow highways to be plowed more efficiently... so you can get to where you're going safely. bria bell is standing by live near gordon drive with more. jenna: bria how's it going out there?? bria: yes jenna, snow plow operators would have an easier time if drivers are not out on the highways if not necessary. i spoke to dakin schutz who is a transporation planner for iowa d-o-t and he has tips for all travelers during this winter storm. "we do the primary highways so in this area that would be interstate 29, us-20, us-75 and iowa 12," said schultz. winter storms have hit the siouxland area and iowa d-o-t would like drivers to utilize some safety precaustions before deciding to travel on snowy roads. the department says that for everyone's sake, it would be best not to be on the roads if you don't have to. "it's best to wait and travel when the road conditions are better, but if you do have to be out and come across the snow plows...give them plenty of space," said schultz.
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drive slow because visibility for snow plow operators is limited due to shoveling or other plow trucks that are driving in tandum. "...parking behind it, especially when it's distributing the material, you're going to end up...could end up with a brine that going to cause problems for visibility for you," said schultz. and if you ever have any questions on the current condition of the roadways, the information can be found right at your fingertips... "this day in age with our technology you can check the condition of the roadways," said schultz. bria: the address to that website can be found at iowa d-o-t dot gov.schultz. bria: the address to that website can be found at iowa d-t dot gov. dakin schultz also says that travelers should make sure that
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in good condition, winshield wipers are functional along with washer fliud, have a tank full of gas and a survival kit in the car. for now, im going to toss it back to you in studio reporting live in sioux city, bria bell abc 9 news. jenna: thanks for that report bria jenna: private snow removal companies have also been busy helping businesses clean up the snow. you might have seen their pick-up trucks plowiwi parking lots a a walk-ways arouou siouxland. most of these mpanies are specialized in lawnwnare and then focus on snow removal during the winter. for travis from sharp lawn care... the snow is no concern. travis chartier, sharp lawn care says, "this is great, this is a perfect time for us. this is what we live for basically. lot's of snow ... no problem we have plenty of men and plenty equipment. " we'll here more from plow drivers, their tips for snow removal and what you should watch for ... all coming up at 10. jenna: travel is slowed a
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because of the weather contitions. our elisa raffa is standing by with more outside about how local police deal with the contitions. elisa how are things going out the?? elisa jenna... roads are still a bit slick, plows are making their way through. but the good news is... it looks like people heeded meterologists' and police warnings. i rode along with sioux city police srgt today, monitoring the roads ready to respond to any accidents. the good news is, there were no major accidents to report to. "absolutely makes it lot easier when people stay off the e roads during this kind of weather, and use more caution. i've noticed a lot of people driving slower, it certaintly helps " says srgt jeremy mcclure, sioux city pd. srgt mcclure says some smart winter driving tips...remeber to use your blinker when crossing lanes, cars can't stop as easily in the snow so it helps to know the e
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the cars around yoyo also, take an extra few seconds at green lights in case cars at the other end of the intersection skid, or can't stop on a slick spot at their red light. elisa on cam again, roads aren't the best, but cars have been driving slower today... no major reports of accidents. we'll continue to see accumulatingng snow through the overnight, fred will have that in just a few minutes. for now back to you in studio... meteorologist elisa raffa abc9 news, jenna: a massive winter storm is causing cancellations and delays at several major metro airports. soso folks trying to get somewhere for new year's eve may have t t grin and bear it. "we had a flight to las vegas to go see fireworks on the 31st and um, all flights are canceled. and we couldn't get a flight out of here until the 31st. so, that's kind of, we'll have to go all the way out there for a day and a
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" said that there was 700 canceled." as of this chicago's o'hare afternoon, chicago's o'hare airport has seen the most delays and cancellations. more than 560 flights canceled, and over 430-more are delayed. travelers going through dallas/fort worth and houston are also juggling weather-related d delays and cacaellations. jenna: it's been a busy year for an organization that helps people during disasters. the iowa red cross says they've responded to more than 670 local disasters this past year.... helping more than two thousand people who have run into an unfortunate circumstance..... such as a house fire, flooding, tornado or other storm damage. nationally red cross disaster workers have sponded to 176 large u-s disasters. jenna: two people have been killed after a rollover
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thurston county . according to the nebraska state patrol, the accident happened yesterday afternoon about two miles north of macy on highway 75 . authorities say that 24 year old brianna wolfe from macy and 30 year old britney mccauley of walthill were thrown from their car after rolled down an embankment. both were pronounced dead at the scene. jenna: a childcare worker from maurice (morris) , iowa has been arrested for child endangerment according to the sioux county sheriff's office, 32 year old dianna winder came under investiation after authorities received a report of suspicious injuries to a 15 month old child in her care. winder who runs a home-day care... and is being charged with serious assault and child endangerment causing bodily injury. jenna: if you bought milk for your kids in the weeks leading up to christmas... you may have also helped other iowa kids without knowing it. dean foods panered wth hy-vee and fareway stores in iowa, nebraska and south dakota
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campaign. dean foods donated 1 dollar for every carton of land o lakes, and dairy pure milk sold on december 18th and 19th. dean foods is now donating 10 thousand dollard to variety-the children's chairity of iowa. jenna: siouxland ki on winter break from school had a fun chance to get moving today. sunnybrook community church is putting on a "ninja warrior camp" today and tomorrow at morningside colllle's hper (hyper) center. the idea is to get kids off the couch and get some active while they're not in school. they go through stations in 10 the kids also learned about good nutricion. "it is grueling, like you said it's something where they're getting they're learning about healthy nutrition, and they're having fun doing it at the same time. and d t the feedback i've gotten from the kids is they've enjoyed it." says coordinator matt holmes around 350 kids ninja warrior camp. camp. jenna:
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a look at an easy way to stay fit without having to go to the gym. there is more snow coming tonight, and more cold weather is in the forecast. find out about new break! "
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(jenna) fred, what can we expect tonight? fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) a reminder that we have a winter storm warning in the yellow shaded areas through the night. central and west, including the metro, have a winr weather advisory tonight. the heaviest snowill be in the yellow. the hd radar shows widespread light to moderate snow. snowvision shows that the heaviest snow has fallen in the southeast. snow totals range from 6" in dolliver, ia and 5" in estheville, ia to 4" in denison and little sioux. holstein clocked in at 3.5", while sioux city has picked up 2" so far. roads are snow covered locally, but worse in eastern iowa where extensive snow and ice are seen in the purple. a snowy scene is evident on the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. 20 was the high and 10 the low. in sioux city, we have 19 and light snow. local temperatures are in the teens to lower 20s. winds are north
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wind chis in the single digits above and below zero. visibility is quite low, especially in the north and east. carroll has only a quarter mile visibilty. zooming out, we can see this huge storm tracking up the mississippi river. that's about 150 miles more to the east than what was expected yesterday...which in turn pushed the heavy snow east by that many miles. winter storm warnings are in effect all the way through minneapolis, green bay, and chicago, where ice may be a bigger threat. the stormcast shows snow tonight and possibly again wednesday. we'll see 1-3" of additional accumulation tonight, then an additional half inch on wednesday. your forecast for tonight is for a low of 13 with snow and blowing snow. tomorrow, look for mostly cloudy skies and a high of 25. the 7-day shows highs in the 20s and 30s with a chance of light snow wednesday. new year's day will be mostly sunny with a high of 27. jenna/tim/fred (jenna) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. jenna: we regret to inform that despite diligent negotiations we have yet to secure a new agreement for continued carriage of kcau by cable one. we have reached agreement wi all major carriers with the exception of cable one. all we are requesting is that cable one pay fair market value for the abc and local programming we bring to you, our viewers, every day. if cable one declines our agreement, subscribers
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inform that
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negotiations we have yet to secure a new agreement for continued by cable one. we have reached agreement with carriers with the exception of cable one. all we arerequesting is that cable one pay fair market value for the abc and local programming we bring to you, our viewers, every day. if cable one declines our agreement, subscribers would lose access to kcau at 11:59 p.m. on december 31st. for information on other community, please visit siouxland matters dot com. jenna: and coming up after the breaea well show you somemeays that you can stay fit without leaving your house. jenna:
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personal trainer... you can still get some support getting fit in 2016. technology is making is making it easier than ever before. jessica rae explains in this week's "get going." "if you have a smart phone... you have a gym and your own personal trainer... here's what i mean... nat pop - "arm rows 30 seconds each side" as mercy wellness specialist hilarar overby explainin.. there are countless apps for your smar phone or tablet that will guide you through your own personal workout... hilary "there's nike training club, it is one that has videos and it walks you through it times you it tells you, what to do if you don't know you can take a second watch the movement and go from there." and these apps all vary depending on what you're looking to gain from your workout hilary: "there's one that's called circle timer, so you can basically plan out your wororut so you have intervalsls and you can alsosodd in time for it to add in rest so it will tell you 'ok now you can rest'" hilary says with each app there are levels of experience
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you think your current fitness level stands. hilary: "there's the beginners there's the more advanced so you can kind of test your body see where it is at, if you don't know where you're at maybe try that lower end, and if you're finding this is a breeze then work your way up." let's get going, alongside photographer lukas voss, i'm jessica rae for abc9 news. jenna: with the rose bowl coming up o abc 9 will be verage all week. alex giaimo joins angeles. ( outside the in the la hotel downtown the official media hotel for the 2016 rose bowl between iowa and stanford. the hawkeyes have been out here in los angeles since christmas eve bowl game. and they
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to say the least for the portunity to ay on this big stage. " jordan canzeri: when we found out that we were going to t rose was insane you know i didn't watch it i didn't hear about it until i just started getting texts of roses all over the place and it was just awesome just to think that since freshman year it was a dream to go to the rose bowl it's just like a dream come true. and we'll have much more from the hawkeyes tomorrow. at the official 2016 rose bowl media day.but for now in los angeles with your hawkeye headquarters report. im alex giaimo. thanks alex. jenna: coming up in sports...the iowa wrestling team is gearing up for another run at the midlands championships. alex has the details after the break. jenna: plus...iowa's offense is in for a challenge against the stout stanford defensese hear from the hawkeyes when
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iowa versus them all. of preparation out in southern california. the hawkeyes have practiced a handful of times in the gololn prepare to f fe the stanford defense.this cardinal unit the high-octane held opponents to just 16.4 points per game. that ranked second in the country. when asked about the cardinal defense, iowa offensive coordinator greg davis said they reminded him of a big ten foe. "they would probably remind me of wisconsin because they are a 3-4 team, they base eveything out of a 3-4, one thing that you start t ticing when you look at stanford, is thenumber of linebackers and athletes they have." "they are a great team and they have been playing in big games. they are the pac-12 champs and that speaks for itself. its a great league, they are extremely we- coached on defense and they play their system really well
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that they do. we will be airing a 30-minute rose bowl special on new years eve called dream season. yes.....the hawkeyes have been busy with game prep, but whats a trip to california game prep, but whats a trip to california without some fun. last night, iowa participated in the lawry's beef bowl. this used to be an eating competition between rose bowl contenders....not anymore. in fact, the hawks won the first beef bowl back in 1957, out-eating oregon state by 17 pounds. the all-you-can eat portion has been discontinued, but each player still got to munch on a 16 ouncecut of prime rib, mashed potatoes and gravy. and hey look its the paulsen twins! from the hawkeyes to the huskers...after beating ucla in saturday's foster farms bowl, maliek collins announced that he is entering the nfl draft. the junior defensive tackle finished t year with 29 tackles
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"it's always been a dream of mine i got a good grade back and i talked to my teammates and i talked to coach riley and it seems like the best decision for me." "this was a wise move based on what he knows. i would really like to coach him another year, but we will have fun watching him play." best of luck to maliek. alex ranked second in the country, iowa wrestling is 8-0. tomorrow and wedsnesday the hawkeyes travel to evanston, illinois to compete in the 53rd annual midlands championships. iowa has won more titles (24) than any other school in the e years of this s championship, includininthe last wo. e hawkeyes have also set scoring records each of the past two years scoring 189 points at last year's tournament. looking for a three-peat, tom brands is stressing resiliency. "the great satisfying thing about wrestling is that there is a 3rd, a 4th, a 5th, 6th, and 7th
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before that champiship, you gotta come back. thats how you find out who's tough, who's not." tune in tomorrow at 6 and 10 for the action from evanston. wiwi naz long out for the season, deonte burton at 6 and 10 for the action from evanston. with naz long out for the season, deonte burton stepped up and for that, was named the big 12 newcomer of the week. the junior scored 12 points in 16 minutes on tuesday in a win over nationally- ranked cincinnati. iowa state remains at 11 in the ap top 25. in the summit league, nicole seelkamp has been named the conference player of the week for the second time this season. the senior from australia scored 21 points in usd's big win at illinois. seekamp was also named the college sports madness national mid-major player of the week. " "
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photo of the day. today's picture comes from... they recieved some wonderful handmade gifts from two akron, ia girl scout troops. they're called "developmental hearts" which will be given to parents whose babies are in the nicu. often times when newborns are in the nicu they cannot be held by the parentnt these hearts are the be worn agaisnt the parents skin so the fabric might absorb their scent. the heart can then be placed with their baby in their crib. jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) radar shows light to moderate snow covering siouxland. it will continue overnight, with 1-3" of additional accuculation possible. your forecast for tonight is for a low of 13 with snow and blowing snow. tomorrow, look for mostly cloudy skies and a high of 25. the 7-day shows highs in the 20s and 30s with a chance of light snow wednesday. new year's day will be mostly sunny with a high of 27.
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